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  1. Name: Love Me Harder
    Artist: Ariana Grande
    Album: My Everything

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  2. Name: Say You Love Me
    Artist: Jessie Ware
    Album: Tough Love
  3. the-glencoco:

    Not On Drugs - Tove Lo

    You’re high enough for me

  4. The GotG soundtrack is perfection. I mean, how can you not smile while listening to this song?

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  5. Name: Catherine
    Artist: Magic Man
    Album: Before the Waves

    My favorite track off the new album. So damn catchy!

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  6. Name: Break Free (ft. Zedd)
    Artist: Ariana Grande
    Album: Break Free - Single

    I interrupt my Tumblr hiatus to share this damn good pop song from Ariana Grande and Zedd.

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  7. Listening to this track is like a religious experience.

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  8. Name: Touch
    Artist: Shift K3Y

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  9. Name: Cavalier
    Artist: James Vincent McMorrow
    Album: Post Tropical


    James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier

  10. This jam.

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  11. mynameisashcashlee:

    Cazzette - Sleepless (Radio Edit)

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  12. nextlevelgay:

    Wildfire // Noosa

  13. Name: XO (Beyonce cover)
    Artist: John Mayer

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  14. Name: Dust Clears
    Artist: Clean Bandit
    Album: Dust Clears (Remixes) - EP

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